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    ICRT output array within array

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      Good Afternoon team,


      I have yet another question to ask


      I have 2 tables :

      1.Student Detail(First_name, last_name, DOB, Grade)

      2.Student Mark List (first_name, last_name,Grade, Sub1_title, sub1_score, Sub2_title, sub2_score, Sub3_title, sub3_score, Sub4_title, sub4_score)


      I am trying to achieve the below output using ICRT. But I am unable to.



      {"Student Data":

      [{"first name":"Ragini", "last name":"Neeru", "Grade":"5",






      {"first name":"Raani", "last name":"Neeru", "Grade":"6",








      Please let me know if you have any ideas/suggestion.. Appreciate your help greatly.