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    Informatica Powercenter down issue

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      Informatica powercenter went down with below error message. Can anyone help in finding the root-cause of this error.


      ERROR [Domain Monitor] [DOM_10095] The master gateway data in the domain configuration repository was updated during the last refresh time interval 96211.

      FATAL [Domain Monitor] [DOM_10094] Cannot update the data for the master gateway node [vm00000292_PR_951] within the refresh interval time [96000]. The node will not continue as a master gateway node. Verify that the connection to the domain configuration repository database is valid.

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          That's too generic to answer.

          The point is that this message indicates only one thing: namely that access to the domain repository database was delayed for such a long time that all potential gateway nodes (even if it's a one-node domain) gave up accessing this particular table.

          There may be quite a few potential reasons for such an event.


          The easiest possible remedy would be to increase the MasterDBRefreshInterval value, assuming it's really only a delay in DB access. The term "MasterDBRefreshInterval" refers to a setting of the node, you will find quite a few threads about this one when searching the Informatica Network for this word; there you can find information on how to set this value.


          Please try increasing this value before we try other measures. I am confident (though not 100% sure) that this can remedy this situation.




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            Jan Leendert Wijkhuis Active Member

            Nico's answer gives you a solution but to find the root cause of the problem you can analyze the logging of your operating system.
            In windows that would be the windows system log on the server, If you filter on Critical, Error and Warning you likely find the root cause of the problem which might be DNS or network or the database server which hosts the domain database is unavailable or reacting very slow due to issues or high loads.
            Based on the refresh interval time of 96000 (milliseconds) I assume it's a single node domain.
            Informatica PowerCenter tries to update a field in the table ISP_MASTER_ELECTION every 8 seconds and when it doesn't succeed after 12 attempts it shuts down the node (in a single node environment).
            Increasing the refresh interval by setting the custom property MasterDBRefreshInterval on the domain might prevent the node from shutting down.
            The property must be set in seconds althought the total time is in milliseconds a value of 15 means a total of 180000 milliseconds before the node shuts down which is a period of 3 minutes.

            Kind Regards
            Jan Leendert

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