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    Set default preview template in web client

    Osudio Support New Member

      Hi all,


      Is there any way in the PIM 8.0 web client to set the default preview template on the preview tab?

      Currently when you log in, you need to select the preview template, even is there is only one. It will then be selected for all next items you click on. But if we could auto-select the preview initially, that would be great.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Andre Hagemann Guru



          it is not possible OOTB in Version 8, but with Version 10 and above you get the possibility to use "Parameterized Detail Tab"

          and "Display separate templates in separate tabs" 


          You can find needed information in the manual "Installation and Operation"

          > Configuration > Web Configuration > Configure Lists Views, Detail Tabs and Action Menus > Detail Tab Definition Examples



          best André