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    Export function ‘contains’

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      There’s no String function in the export that searches if a String contains another String.

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          Stefan Reinhardt Guru

          Hi Marc,


          did you consider "StringIndexOf" for this? This may be the way. Here is the documentation:


          Determines the first position at which a character or a character string appears in a text.

          The position is based on 1, i.e. the first character has position 1, the

          second position 2 etc. If the search text is not found, the result is -1.




          {?StringIndexOf "Text", "Search text", Start position }




             The text to be searched

          Search text:

             The text to be found

            Start position:

              (optional) Start position of the character after which the search in the text will begin.

             If no value is specified, the search starts at the beginning.




          {?StringIndexOf "Text-text-text", "x" }    ->  3

          {?StringIndexOf "Text-text-text", "X" }    ->  -1

          {?StringIndexOf "Text-text-text", "text" }    ->  6

          {?StringIndexOf "Text-text-text", "text", 7 }  ->  11