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    Install PowerExachange for SAP

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      Did someone know how to install and configure PowerExchange for SAP?


      I already did this steps.


      1.     Download and copy the following Windows  RFC SDK Version 7.20 library files to <PowerCenter 9.5.1 Installation Directory>\clients\PowerCenterClient\client\bin directory:

      • librfc32u.dll
      • libsapu16vc80.dll
      • libsapucum.dll
      • icuin34.dll
      • icuuc34.dll
      • icudt34.dll


      2.     Register PowerExchange for SAP NetWeaver Client

      To install or upgrade PowerExchange for SAP NetWeaver, register PowerExchange for SAP NetWeaver client using the following steps:

      • Go to <PowerCenter installation directory>\Client\bin.
      • Double-click PWX_SAP_64.reg (if the client is installed on Windows 64-bit operating system) or PWX_SAP.reg (for 32-bit Windows install).
      • Click Yes and then click OK.


      3.     Edit the saprfc.ini file.

      4.     Set the RFC_INI environment variable.

      5.     Configure an application connection for SAP R/3 sources in the Workflow Manager.

      6.     Install the repository plug-in in the PowerCenter repository.



      And I cant access to SAP database, did you know what is the problem??


      When I entered the SAP connection, and click connect or next, I dont view any message that can told me that the connection was failed?


      Please help me to solve, I investigate in this portal but I cant find a lo of information.