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    HELP - Internal Server Error (WebService Workflow)

    John Victor Active Member

      Hello, guys

      I hope you guys are doing well.

      I have no problems to run WKF in WebServices, except for this one that does those steps:

      1- One mapping (session) that reads from WebService Source, save it in a Oracle Table and save the code in a variable
      2- A decision calls which mapping (session) should run

      3- The mapping (session) that will run after the Decision, reading from this Oracle Table and saving to a WebService Target

      Those steps works fine, but...

      I cant get the result because it gives me an error.

      <SE:Envelope xmlns:SE="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">




               <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>


                  <error xmlns="http://informatica.com/powercenter/ts">










      I tried to execute from the Hub, I get a Failure but I cant see the Log, I dont know where.

      I believe the mappings are fine, because I changed the target for a FlatFile and it went OK without problems and results were fine.

      I may be missing something that I dont know what somehow, can you help me out?

      Thanks in advance

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Not at all sure that this will help, but could you please try changing the workflow such that there is exactly one mapping with a web service target, not two different mappings?




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            John Victor Active Member

            Hello, Nico.

            Thank you for answering me in back again.

            I solved my problem,

            I made a staged mapping with a web source, saving in a flat file with a MessageID.

            The MessageID is important for both web source and web target, both of them must have it and linked.

            So it is, the flat file now have the MessageID and the web target too

            And now it is worked.

            About the workflow, it is possible to have a conditional (parallel) workflow, a request session and multiple receive sessions (with OR). And this is how it happens.

            A request session - condition - mutiple receive sessions.

            And it works fine so far, no problems yet.

            If I might have one, maybe we can talk further.

            Thank you so far!