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    Migrating informatica platform from Solaris to Linux

    Siva Kiran Bellamkonda New Member

      Dear All,


      We are planning to migrate our Informatica platform from Solaris 10 to Redhat Linux (v6.5  or 7.0 as per PAM) with Informatica upgrade 9.6.1 to 10.1.1 version. Can you please share your experience on the below points.


      • Validation and Conversion of shell scripts (type: ksh, no of scripts > 3000) from Solaris to Linux. Scripts should run without any issue in Linux.

      1.Are there any specific commands for which syntax will change in Linux ?
      2.How big change it is even though we install ksh in Linux i.e. maintaining same shell ?
      3.Has anyone faced issues with version difference of ksh in Solaris and Linux
      4.I understand testing each script in Linux is a huge activity since no of scripts is in 1000’s. Is there any other way apart from this ?


      Has anyone experienced something similar? Please let me know if any other details needed from my end.


      Appreciate your immediate help !!