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    Does/Can IIR on AIX play nicely with IBM Power LPM

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      I am lost on how to actually raise a support case - perhaps that feature is no longer available and only user "self help" is permitted after the web redesign (it has been a while since I last logged on)?


      But anyways I shall try asking the question here and see what if any response I receive.


      We have a large Power machine running (on an AIX partition) a licenced IIR/SSAname3 installation.


      IBM Power LPM (Live Partition Mobility) allows the virtual machine/LPAR to move dynamically between  power frames should we want/need to perform, say, firmware upgrades on the original power frame and move the system back to the original frame after the maintenance work.


      We are licenced and have a licence file etc, but, when moving dynamically across to the other machine we will obviously incur a change in serial numbers and possibly changes in CPU speed etc.


      LPM will give the same resources (core and memory) and IP address during the move, it probably needs a case raised to check we are within our licencing terms, but that for the moment is secondary to the issue of can LPM work seamlessly and automatically with the IIR/SSAName3 application.


      What will happen to the application after the move? will it warn it is no longer "licenced" via the current licence file but essentially still work, or will it stop dead? Will it work as and until the application tries to restart? Can the licencing facility handle multiple serial numbers in a licencing file?


      Even the ability to send a shipping request doesn't seem to be on this new web design? and I don't at the moment have the contact details of our sales rep.