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    Launch of Oracle Data Integrator

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      Oracle , after the acquisition of the Sunopsis organization, has released the new Oracle records Integrator (ODI) device, based on the one that this agency traded.

      This tool enters the section of the E-LT , or Extraction, Loading and Transformation (an evolution of the concept of ETL ), and presents more flexibility, more capability for integration with special resources and facts destinations, and plays the strategies of transformation inside the same database servers, subsequently the exchange in the order of the acronym E-LT, whilst the transformation manner generally takes region after the load technique.

      You can locate greater data approximately it in Oracle facts Integrator release.

      With this information it is clear why Oracle ODI Warehouse Builder may be used freely for some time now if the license of an Oracle database server has been received. we've a brand new device in an effort to make us ask if OWB has grow to be obsolete. Now we best want to evaluate to what extent the enhancements provided with the aid of the new software program offset the price of version and the license.