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    Synchronizer block

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      I´m using IIR 10.1 HotFix 1 with database Sql Server and I  have a issue with the Synchronizer in  environment pre-production, the problem is next:



      I configured  xmserver and real time web services. when we consumed the web service with the SOAPUI  and the record arrive to IDS_UPC_SYNC_NSA table. When  get up the Synchronizer and the record was update. I consumed again the web service but the sinchronaizer don´t take the record ande the table is lock.



      I need to kill the Synchronizer  to unlock the table, I kill from commans line because in the IIR Console dont stop the job . When killed the process I checki table and the record still there.



      I don´t know that is happening with this system.