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    John Taylor New Member

      Hi All,


      I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone was using Axon yet?


      I'm struggling to find a good user base to share ideas with.


      Many Thanks


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          Emanuel Silva New Member

          Hi John,


          We're going through installation and set up at the moment hybrid model on-premise and cloud, so would be good to share mutual experiences. I've used Axon in the past when it was still it its infancy being developed by Diaku a few years ago. It has come a long way since, am particularly interested on its more recent integration with other Informatica products like EIC and also other vendors, for instance the IBM stack, e.g. IGC and also DataStage.


          I'd appreciate anyone else's input on these too. Many thanks

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            Emanuel Silva New Member

            All deployed now successfully also upgraded to v5.2 a lot more features and user feedback all positive.

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              Mubbashir Ahmed New Member


              I have recently installed Axon 5.2 on RHEL without much of a hassle by following the installation manual.