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    Exports - Purpose

    Jonathan Tripp Active Member

      I see that within the Export Data Type Filter... you can select the different filters such as Purpose.  When you have nothing, you get all purposes.  But there is not an option that has "null" for purpose to show you all the ones that are missing it.  So you are then forced to load all of your items data into memory and then remove it on the Data fields filter rules. 


      Anyone else have this concern, and should this not be part of package?

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          Jenny Bucher Guru

          Hi Jonathan,


          could you give an example what exactly you would like to have? I cannot imagine any usecase for something like this by using data type filter.




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            Jonathan Tripp Active Member

            An example would be this... we have purposes such as Search, Specifications, Media and Metric


            I currently run an export and it provides everything.  I could then say show only Search, Specifications and Media.  But would prefer to simply say cannot be Metric.



            Same thing would be for blanks, there is nothing in PIM that is Purpose is Null.  You get all blanks and with values, but nothing with the nulls. 


            In my case, I want to pass everything but the Metric to our US Customers, and the only way I can do it today, is to our a rule on the data field to say if Purpose = Metric - remove (informational).  I feel that this loads everything to memory and then removes it, thus using up extra systems resources.


            Always can call me if your would like to talk more. 561-756-2781.



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              Jenny Bucher Guru

              Hi Jonathan,


              what kind of field is "Purpose" in your case? Or are those the attribute purpose?

              If it's the attribute purpose you could use the data type filter on the submodule:

              Although, you would have to enter all but "Metric" purpose.

              In this case the data with purpose "Metric" would not be loaded at all.


              I'm not sure what you mean with the "null" and blank difference.




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                R.J. H Guru

                I think it would be very useful to be able to exclude attributes from the export using a filter.


                For example, in our use case, it would be helpful to have an "Internal" purpose for attributes that are used internally that we generally do not wish to share with the public. Ideally, the exporter would be able to export all attributes that do not have the "Internal" purpose.


                Since this is not possible, we may create a "Public" purpose instead, and mark most attributes as public. This has at least two drawbacks, however:

                • We would ideally like new attributes to be exported unless we mark them otherwise
                • Most attributes will be public, so there would be less data to manage if we were able to filter out internal attributes instead


                If this feature could be considered for the future, that would be great!