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    Informatica MDM 10 - Unable to make external call in entity 360

    Rahul Yadav Guru

      I followed below steps,

      1. Used reource kit BESExternalCall sample application

      2. Removed any condition, and just created error message to test BESExternalCallTest works using Entity 360 application

      3. Created ear file and Deployed ear file to application server

      4. Upload the WSDL file using provisioning tool

      5.Registerd the SOAP service

      6. Configured external calls for Person business entity, for before everything and before validate servicephase.

      7. Publish the changes to the MDM Hub


      When I try to insert record through Entity 360 (IDD) application, I am not able see error message. Instead, record is getting saved.


      Below is sample code I am using in validatePerson java file



        public DataObject process(HelperContext helperContext, DataObject inputSdo,

                  Map<String, Object> inParams,

                  Map<String, Object> outParams) throws StepException {

                  DataFactory dataFactory = helperContext.getDataFactory();

                  List<ValidationError> errorList = new ArrayList<>();

                  ValidationError error = (ValidationError) dataFactory.create(ValidationError.class);


                  error.setMessage("Person must have at least one field");



                  ValidationErrors errors = (ValidationErrors) dataFactory.create(ValidationErrors.class);


                  throw new StepException((DataObject) errors, "SIP-50022");


      Kindly let me know, if I am missing something?