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    S@S queries

    Noor Basha Shaik Guru

      Hi all,


      Few queries on S@S which we plan to leverage for GDPR, appreciate all possible information:


      a) How does proliferation actually work? I saw a screenshot in S@S data sheet. The data stores/sources were linked. How can we make this happen?


      Does it make sense to think about proliferation at data stores level? data might be flowing through other data transformation technologies/systems like PowerCenter, AbIniitio & so on..


      b) Is it possible to apply filters on the aggregated view of the system maps? Say, I have data stores from 2 countries defined in S@S for discovery purposes. I would like to produce country specific analytic reports (user behavior, system maps...and so on). also, I would like to restrict access to respective country users not to be able to see the discovery results of each other.


      c) Can I do rule based profiling using S@S? I would like to monitor data quality metrics too for in the same tool, instead of relying on IDQ (and trying to profile the same data store twice!)


      Thanks and Regards,