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    Unique substitution masking

    sunny K Seasoned Veteran

      We have a masking process which is using unique substitution masking to mask a column in DB. We have 50+ million records for that column in the storage table and 10+ million records in the dictionary file.

      when we execute the Masking process unique substitution, it is building a cache on both storage table and dictionary file which is taking lot of time.


      Is there any way that we can speed up the creation of this cache?


      Appreciate your help in advance.

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          I'm also in a similar situation. I'm trying to mask a huge EDW table using values from a dictionary file with unique substitution option checked. The performance was very poor. I tried increasing the size of the cache in the session properties from 24000000 to around 500000000 bytes but there wasn't any significant improvement in performance. If i uncheck the unique substitution option the throughput is through the roof and the workflow completes in a jiffy.