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    Downgrading code from Informatica 9.5.1 to 9.5.0

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      Please provide your inputs  and help on this issue. 

      We have Informaitca  9.5.0  version installed on the server and
      some of the developers have installed 9.5.1 client version  and have
      done some coding on 9.5.1 client version. We started to see some issues due
      client version differences and we have asked those folks to down grade to
      9.5.0, All are on 9.5.0 now.

      We are planning to do export all the mappings, workflows etc that was
      developed in 9.5.1  and import them to 9.5.0. to be consistent across the
      board and to avoid any issues.

      Please let me know your inputs  and provide your help on this approach ?