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    Chinese Character Not Syncing

    Maggie Field New Member

      We are using Informatica Cloud to sync data warehouse tables that have some Chinese characters, some English, to Salesforce.com.  The Chinese characters disappear in the sync.  How do we get this to sync over properly?

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          Neeraj Upadhyay Support Moderators


          This issue can occur due to data types and code page issues



          Make sure that code page is selected as UTF-8, if code page is UTF-8 and you still see this issue, edit the task and change the datatype to nvarchar and re-run the task this should fix the issue

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            Nico Heinze Guru

            Neeraj, one question out of curiosity (and because it's a huge issue for some PowerCenter customers): does ICS handle all Unicode characters or only those in the BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane, the first 64k characters defined in Unicode)?

            PowerCenter still can't handle characters outside the BMP, and as far as I understand this matter ICS uses a specialised PowerCenter version underneath the cover. So I dare to assume that this drawback applies to ICS as well.


            Is this the case?


            Thanks and regards,