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    Informatica UMS: lbm_event_dispatch raises a kernel exception

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      Hi Support,

      A receiving topic calls lbm_event_dispatch on the event queue thread as shown below:

      const auto res = lbm_event_dispatch(m_pEventQueue, tmo /* LBM_EVENT_QUEUE_BLOCK */);


      This snapshot taken out of dump, shows how lbm_event_dispatch eventually throws an exception:

        KERNELBASE.dll!RaiseException () Unknown
        lbm.dll!mul_fail_assert(const char * exp=0x000000961df64f60, const char * file=0x0000000000000000, int line=0x00000000, int fatal=0x00000000) Line 461 C
        lbm.dll!lbm_buff_delete(lbm_buff_t_stct * buff=0x0000009621ed3fc0) Line 515 C
        lbm.dll!lbm_msg_delete_and_free(lbm_msg_t_stct * msg=0x0000000000000000, int free_msg=0x6de7d910) Line 3555 C
        lbm.dll!lbm_event_dispatch(lbm_event_queue_t_stct * evq=0x0000000000000000, unsigned long tmo=0x69443cc0) Line 1918 C


      Can you give me a feedback based on this call stack, what might have gone wrong?


      Further relevant information:

      1. Incoming messages are retained by the application and after being processed in a separate thread, they are deleted.

      2. Informatica Ultra Messaging version: 6.9

      3. OS: Windows

      4. Development environment: Visual Studio 2015 Update 3