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    Possibility of having multiple root directories for Infa 9.6.1 Server installation

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      Hi All,

      I have a situation where one project already uses an Informatica Powercenter 9.6.1 server running only at 25% of its capacity and hence the client decides to leverage the same server for another project, in the similar business area. The new project should have a separate dedicated repository & integration services. However the Infa folders, logs etc. should be unique and should not mix across projects.
      The question is - Would it be possible to have the root directory configured separately for these two instances? The Infa_Shared folder being the root, already exists and is being used by the running project. Having to separate it out from the new one; Is it possible to create a new folder (subfolder) structure say like Infa_Shared_NewProj? All this without impacting the configurations, server parameters, etc. as they would be shared? Note that we are using the Unix flavour of Infa installation. I know its possible to have multiple project specific folder structures in the root directory, but the client ask is to have different custom root directory itself, which is project specific.
      I have very minimal knowledge on the server configuration and setup, though I have been working on powercenter for more than a decade, self trained and experienced. Any help with this is highly appreciated.

      Arvind S.