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    Data Processor Transformation with Serializer Script

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      I need some help in the approach that i should be taking to resolve the issue.


      We are to build some mappings on informatica developer that would source data from xml files and write to hadoop environment.

      We need to go with the hive pushdown feature hence we are reaching out for developer client.


      Note: The xml structure is complex which includes multi level nodes and references as well.


      Have tried some of the options to get this sorted which are listed as below.

      1. Data Processor Transformation with serializer - which would convert the xml file to the respective csv format and      then load the hive tables.

         Here i am new to this environment and want to check some intelliscript samples, i couldn't find samples for the complex one though to convert the xml to csv.

         Would appreciate if i could get some detailed level information regarding the serializer intelliscript.


      2. Data Processor Transformation with XMAP - where we are not given the output format xsd, do we have to build it based on the output structure.

         Even if I do go with that approach, again i would need the serializer to convert the xml data that comes out of the XMAP.


      3. Tried searching on with Java Transformation - Couldn't find any information on the same.

      4. Hierarchical to Relational Transformation - Couldn't succeed   


      Any help is Appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,