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    Limitting the search results from the xml search service

    Anthony Crawford New Member

      Is there a way to have the xml search server complete an entire search, and just return the first 25 records?


      I have sorting setup on the search, but it does not seem that I can get a subset of the results. I tried setting the result_set_max property to 25, but that seems to tell the search to "stop searching after you find 25 acceptable matches." Which is not what I want.


      My particular use case involves a result table with paging. So, the first page should contain the 25 highest scored records. Not the first 25 records with an acceptable score... At the moment I am just getting the entire result set, and paging that, but it seems silly to send the extra 200-500 matching records across the network, when I am only going to use 25 at a time.