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    Why can't a Task Flow call the same Data Synchronization Task more than once?

    Blake Kercovich New Member

      What is the reasoning behind this limitation?

      I have a series of a dozen DSTs that I need to run in sequence, and I have tested them individually successfully several times, so I am now confident that I can put them in a Task Flow and let them run on their own.

      But when I went to do this, I found a problem, in that my process requires I execute one of my DSTs twice during the sequence, once at step 6, and again at step 12, but the Informatica Task Flow screen does not allow you to enter the same DST in the List of Tasks more than once.

      So, I'm left with only two options:

      1.) Split my processing up into 2 Task Flows, and then run them separately

      2.) Create a duplicate of the DST I want to use again, with a different name, and then add that duplicate DST to the Task Flow after the original DST

      Both accomplish the goal, but neither should be necessary, because the limitation makes no sense to begin with, unless I am missing something that would account for the reasoning behind this restriction being in place.

      So, can anyone tell me why Informatica has this designed as it is, and why hoops must be jumped through, to accomplish something that should be simple and straightforward?