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    Items of the Product Not displaying

    Daniel Molinski Guru

      I am trying to see a list of the subordinate items of a product (doesn't matter which one) using the "Items of the product" view in both the desktop and web client, but nothing is listed.  If I drag & drop, or add a new item to a product, it immediately vanishes, and if I try again with the same item I get a message saying the item is already assigned.  If I right click on a product and choose "Show subordinate items" I get a message saying no items exists, yet if I do the same for an item (show higher level product), I get the products listed in the products view.  I dug around the database a bit and was able to see the the item reference to to product in dbo.ArticleReference, so the assignment is there.


      We'd like to start using products in the PIM, but we aren't able to see the items of the products!  Has anyone else experienced this?  Any Informatica folks know what's going on?