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    ICRT Log's & Archival Mechanism

    Muni Jangama Active Member

      Dear Guru's


      Where will be our ICRT logs (Error logs, Session logs e.t.c) be stored, when we run processes our processes in real time ??


      Please share your thoughts on how to Archive these ICRT logs to on-premise server ??

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          bhim mantha Guru

          HI Muni .


          Depending on where the process is running , they will be stored appropriately  i.e cloud server or an agent server .


          In ICS you would normally use session log to debug , where as in ICRT you can visually see the processes.


          On the cloud server , completed processes are routinely cleaned up . On the agent there is a schedule , by default it cleans up every 6 hours . Of course you can override this .


          What is the reasoning behind storing the logs ?


          ICRT's fault handling can help you log exception messages explicitly to a DB instead of just storing the process log file .  When a fault occurs , you can for example store the fault message , any requests and other data that you wnat to log rom the process. This is more beneficial for debugging rather than just the plain log files.




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            Muni Jangama Active Member

            Hi Bhim,


            That's valuable information. Will implement that in future.


            For now, I would like to know the location where the ICRT logs will be stored physically

            Ex: Our ICS logs are stored in C:\Program Files\Informatica Cloud Secure Agent\apps\Data_Integration_Server\data\ ...

            similarly I am looking for ICRT logs ??  physical location

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              Uma Ashok Guru

              Hi Muni,


              Any of the process execution related logs (that stores the details of the steps executed in the process – if you have the logging enabled in the process properties) will be available to be accessed right within the process, as they are all persisted in the database when you run the process. You can access it from within the Process console> Active Processes>click on the process hyper link > Click on the Detailed view arrow at the bottom half of the screen > then click on the Logs tab to the left , or to download the logs, you can click on the glass icon near to the logs tab, that would open the textual version of the logs. The text version will also have a download button so you can download them to review. Reference KB: https://kb.informatica.com/howto/6/Pages/19/497350.aspx


              This will be available for the processes running in Cloud and the Agent.


              For any other agent related logs, that you may want to refer if the Process Server hasn’t started up correctly or see any detailed traces of a fault, you could refer to these logs.


              Here is the location of logs:


              AgentCore Logs: {agent_home}\apps\agentcore

              Tomcat Logs: {agent_home}\apps\process-engine\logs\catalina.{date}.log

              PostgreLogs: {agent_home}\apps\process-engine\logs\PostGreSql

              Script Logs: {agent_home}\apps\process-engine\logs\scripts.log



              If you have problems in finding out if there is any likely issue, you can attach a .zip of these logs and send it to support.




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                Nabila Mahmoud New Member


                Is there an API to archive the process execution related logs that ran in the cloud?

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                  Prakash Jain Guru

                  Hi Nabila,


                  We dont have an API to archive the process execution logs on the Cloud.




                  Prakash Jain