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    PMPC 3.0 Post-Configuration Next Steps & Advice...

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      I've installed Proactive Monitoring 3.0 HF1 package (PMPC, RulePoint, RTAM) and configured as required by the documentation which includes the PMPC_REPORTS workflow in powercenter.

      Here are some of our average daily stats from PowerCenter.

      • High availability, 5 node cluster (including 1 IDQ node)
      • We have approximately 350 daily running workflows
      • About 1,400 sessions
      • About 2 billion rows processed


      After running the powercenter PMPC_REPORTS workflow, I am a bit underwhelmed as I was expecting a bit more from the "Proactive" portion of the monitoring features. The only things that PMPC alerted on were name violations (Governance area) but nothing in the Operations. Either our environment and developers are perfect or I am missing some configuration steps (I'm leaning on the latter)...

      In addition, I do not see the Session and Workflow data populating (see screenshot) even thought PMPC_REPORTS wf runs daily (successfully).

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.