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    Questions related to informatica administrator certification

    sulgith moosan Active Member

      Hi Infa engineers,

      Can you please verify the answers marked in the sample set for informatica administrator certification given in the link below





      You are in the Administrator. The Node Properties tab contains which of the following items?

      A.  Node port, Backup Directory, Maximum Processes

      B.  Node Name, Node CPU Utilization, Minimum Port Number

      C.  Node Port, Node Disk Utilization, Maximum Memory %

      D.  Node Port, Node CPU Utilization, Maximum Processes


      The  answer marked is D ,

      But the correct answer is A ,Please verify .



      Which objects may be imported from an LDAP security domain?

      A.  Users, Groups, and Privileges

      B.  Users, Groups, and Permissions

      C.  Users and Groups

      D.  Users only


      The answer marked is D,

      But the correct answer is C,Please  verify.