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    This PowerCenter Repository Service is unavailable

    Hemalatha Arumugam New Member



      I'm newbie to this Informatica. I've encountered problem during informatica powercenter repository creation. I've successfully created informatica server but, I couldn't continue further. Experts out there, kindly please guide me through this phase. Find the system and software details and error details in the attachment. Thank you.


      System : Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

      Oracle 12c R1

      Informatica 10


      Environment_ Variable I had set :

      TNS_ADMIN = D:\app\OracleHomeUser1\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN

      INFA_DOMAINS_FILE = C:\Informatica\10.0.0\domains.infa

      INFA_HOME = C:\Informatica\10.0.0

      ORACLE_HOME = D:\app\OracleHomeUser1\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1





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          Nirmal Govindprasad Guru

          You are providing wrong Database connection details. From the logs i see you are using Administrator. This is not a database user. This is Informatica Admin account. Please create a new DB schema if not done already and create RS again with correct DB connection details.

          Also refer to the Installation and configuration document.

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            VIDYASAGAR BALASUBRAMANIAN Seasoned Veteran

            Hi Hemalatha,


            From the Session log, it's very clear that the connectivity to the database failed because of incorrect login credentials.


            In tnsnames.ora file, I could see PCIS_REP. Is this the Service Name for the PowerCenter Repository database schema you created in Oracle?


            If so, first, please check the database connectivity using sqlplus,


              sqlplus username/password@<Service Name>


            If this is thru then provide the same login credentials in the Repository Service while creating it.


            If not, create (or get it created by DBA) a new DB schema for PowerCenter Repository and add an entry for it in the tnsnames.ora file, and test the connectivity outside and use it while Repository Service creation.





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              VIDYASAGAR BALASUBRAMANIAN Seasoned Veteran

              Hi Hemalatha,

              Here is the snippet from the session log you shared here.

              It clearly says that you have used Informatica Admin user and the connect string you used was that of Domain Repository. You should use the username and password provided by the DBA for the DB schema of the PowerCenter Repository and the Connect string should be the Service Name in the tnsnames.ora file.