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    Where/How to specify Request Payload while calling PUT/POST webservice

    Gopinath Vijayan Guru

      Hello All,


      My Requirement:

      I have to extract records from Oracle(Table:Product) and then I need to call external API(PUT/POST) to update.


      1)I have a challenge on how to do batch processing in ICRT (as I have to run once on daily basis. Purely Time based scheduling).But I am planning to do a workaround to extract records from table and invoke API.

           1.1)If someone has any options on how to run batch like process in ICRT, please let me know.


      2)My Real problem is how to pass payload as input to invoke API. I am not getting enough reference(or I am not looking correct docs/videos) online.

           2.1)I am using "Service Connector" option and configuring API.I am able to test the API successfully but not sure on how to pass the product attributes so it will be updated.

           2.2)My external vendor is saying to use "application/xml" specifically. I am not able to find where and how to specify this.


      Appreciate your help on this.




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