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    Urgent! Using one input (ID), select and return multiple records : Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT)

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      Hi - I'm having difficulty creating a REST web service that will return multiple records. I will receive an ID (called JobId) as an input. This JobId will be used to select all the records from a SQL Server database related to that JobId. The records should be passed back to the requester which will put them in a JSON related report.


      Currently, I can capture the JobId, query the data and respond to the requester BUT I am only seeing one record go back (just the first record).



      1. How can I get multiple records to be included in the response instead of just one record?

      2. Do I need to use a Process Object List for this? Any detailed examples?

      3. Other ways to solve this?



      Image Below:

      This image shows the process as it stands today.

      1. Start

         -- defines in the input, output, and temporary fields.

      2. Assignment

         -- filters the connected sql server data to my input field to filter the data for only related to the JobId that was given.

      3. Split

        -- if data returns, continue on

        -- if data doesn't return, respond to requester with ERROR: JobId not found ($$JobId)

      4. Assignment

        -- if the Split at step 3 returned data, assign the data to the output object.

      5. End.