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    ICRT (Process Developer) : how to pass an Attachment as input in a process ?




      In the 'Informatica Cloud Service & Process Manager' console, I created a Service Connector using a service. Within the service connector I created 2 actions (Action1 and Action2). One of the 2 actions (Action2) has a required input (InputAction2) and its type is Attachment.


      Then I created the connector and a process. In the process I created a required input field (name = InputService - type = Simple>Attachment).


      Finally in the process I am trying to call with (a service call) the action (Action2) of the connector which has the required attachment input.


      Within the process, I tried with an Assignment step the sff:createAttachmentFromBase64(contentName, encodedContent, mimeType) function to assign the attachment input (InputService) with an attachment but it is not working.


      Could you please suggest.


      Thanks, AEB