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    Data Viewer Row Size Limitation Experience

    Noor Basha Shaik Guru

      Hello all,


      What are some of your experiences in dealing with a business analyst who quotes the limitations around the row size (first 100 and I think max can go to 1000) of the data preview option in Informatica Analyst? The data preview could be on the sourced object or profiled object...


      What workarounds can be suggested...appreciate your thoughts...we use analyst 10.1.1.




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          PJGeisinger Guru

          If the data is in a SQL table, help them find a SQL tool to query and inspect the data. I often have both SQL and Analyst open to confirm results. Another option is to use the Drilldown>Export option of Profile. To view the full file (limited only to #rows in your version of Excel which at 64-bit version is very large), you can find a profile measurement that results in exactly 1 unique value (or create a rule in the profile that has only 1 value). Then drilldown/export on that metric to get the full data file output as Excel.

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            krishna priya somanchi New Member

            Hello Noor ,


            You can use developer client to set the no.of rows for data preview . In developer client -> Windows -> Run configuration -> Data viewer -> source .Here you can select the no.of rows and also no.of characters for columns .

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              Akshada Sable Seasoned Veteran

              HI Noor,

              You can increase the drilldown results by adding a Custom Property to your Data Integration Service associated with the Analyst Service.


              In the Admin Console select the Data Integration Service and scroll to the bottom of the page.

              1. Click Edit in the Custom Properties section and select New on the pop window.
              2. In the Name text field enter drilldown_page_size and in the Value text field enter the number of rows you'd like returned e.g. 500
              3. Click OK and recycle the service.
              4. Recycle the Analyst Service
              5. Relaunch the AT.


              Few key points to note:

              • This is a universal setting so all users will now have this many rows returned. While the additional load on the DIS shouldn't be a problem it is something to be aware of.
              • In the Analyst tool the drilldown window still has the text "First 100 rows only" but this is just a minor UI bug, the correct number of rows will be displayed.


              Kind Regards,


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                Shreejeet Sahay New Member

                Hi Noor,


                Could you please let us know if aforementioned answers helped resolve your query? If yes, please mark the correct answer & close this discussion as a success.



                Shreejeet Sahay