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    TDM VS Dynamic Data Masking

    Manoj Thammu New Member

      I am actually doing some Research on the TDM & Dynamic Data Masking. Informatica has both the products available.

      Does TDM Bundle have the Dynamic Data Masking or DDM on whole is a different product?


      Also if any one can help me on estimating the timelines for the Data Masking and data Subsetting it would be great.

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          TDM is for performing so-called "persistent data masking", meaning you create data stored with new values (i.e. the masked values).

          DDM is used to present obfuscated data in certain GUI applications; the underlying data are not touched in any way.


          So yes, these two products have actually nothing in common.


          Giving estimations for a TDM Data Masking or a TDM Data Subset project is extremely difficult.

          Data Masking efforts rely on a ton of different aspects. 16 months ago I started working in a big TDM project where the customer has done all dependency and masking analysis on their own. But when we started implementing that stuff, we had to realize that almost none of their pre-work could be used by us, we basically had to redefine app. 80% of they had done from scratch. Of course we missed the project deadline by months, just because we relied on the customer knowing what they had done (but of course without having involved us for that analysis in any way).

          Also it may well be that in project ABC a data subset can be defined and made available within two days, but in project DEF (which uses similar data structures as ABC) a data subset needs 1-2 weeks to set up correctly.


          The only halfway safe way to get a good estimate is to hire some experienced people for a POC. Assume that this project will take at least twice as long as you would guess and that you will encounter trouble you've never seen before with your systems. That's normal. As of my experience TDM is not a one-time effort, it's a long journey; you start with some project, and as time passes you will find more and more projects where it makes sense to mask some fields (or some more than before), and so on. The journey will never be finished, and be it "only" because changes in the existing applications make it mandatory to adapt the respective TDM processes.


          Again, hire some experienced people for a Proof Of Concept, that's the only safe way to get a good estimation for the efforts in your environment.




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            Prasad Kada Active Member

            Hi Nico,


            When I see the Informatica product catalog. We have two different subcategories (DDM, PDM) in DDM and I see

            TDM as a separate product. However, as stated above TDM is for performing so-called "persistent data masking" but  I see "persistent data masking" as sub-category of DDM.


            I read some of your posts however  I still have some confusion on DDM and PDM.




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              Nico Heinze Guru

              Hi Prasad,


              During the years, Informatica has changed the categorisation of its products quite a few times.

              Be it as it may, TDM counts as part of the PDM group of products. So, if you want to work with TDM, you need to focus on Persistent Data Masking because Dynamic Data Masking works "only" as a mediator between "production" databases and e.g. web-based clients (such as for the help desk of a bank).


              Does that clarify the matter?




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                Prasad Kada Active Member

                Thank you Nico. It is clear to me now.