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    XML Reader error

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      XML Reader Error, "Expected comment or process instruction



      I am trying to read from a source XML file, and do a straight forward pass-through into the target database


      The problem: this works fine with a data file containing just one row of data. As soon as I use a larger test file (e.g. the first two lines of my test file) the reader fails with the following proble


      READER_1_1_1> HIER_28056 XML Reader: Error occurred while parsing:[Error at (file /home/data/data.xml, line 2, char 1 ): Expected comment or processing instruction.]; line number ; column number


      READER_1_1_1> HIER_28058 XML Reader Error


      WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8333 Rolling back all the targets due to fatal session error.


      Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.