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    Hello All

    Raju Desai New Member

      I am in process of upgrade from 9.01 to 9.1.0. Upgraded master node successfully but while upgrading backup node getting below error:-

      " The domain is not available.

      The domain was created successfully but the domain is not

      accessible because the Service Manager failed to start up.

      Select OK to return to the installer and then select Next to try and access the domain again.

      Select Continue to continue the installation without starting the Service Manager.

      You can manually start the Service Manager after installation.

      Check the installation logs for details."


      Please assist me asap.



      Raju Desai

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          Did you try to create a new domain from the backup node? That's most likely wrong (except if the backup server is only started up when the master server is down); if you have a grid setup, you set up the domain only from the first master gateway whereas from all other nodes you JOIN the existing domain.