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    HOW TO: Create a SOSL search service for ICRT

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      I have created an Apex service step that can be used to perform SOSL searches in Salesforce.com from ICRT. This can be used when:

      • You need more sophisticated search capabilities then the SOQL based query that ICRT provides.
      • You need to search encrypted fields. SOQL can not query encrypted fields. SOSL can.


      Sample code for a SOSL search of the Contact object is below. Once you compile it in Salesforce.com. you need to synchronized it with ICRT in the Guides Setup page (All Tabs -> Guides Setup).

      guides setup.jpg


      Note: The output of the service step below shows as a singular Contact record in ICRT. In order to display a list of contact is ICRT, you have to first create a temporary List of Contacts variable. Then you have to map it to the Search Result variable in an Assignment Step.


      *  This class implements a Web Service that can be invoked as an Automated Step from a Salesguide

      *  The interface supports two operations

      *     describe : returns service metadata for inclusion as a service step in the guide designer

      *     invoke : implements the service call at runtime


      global without sharing class icrtStep_ContactSearch implements icrt.IAeAutomatedStepService {



          // keep a static copy of the service description as this will not change    

          private static icrt.AeServiceDescription sDescription;

          static {

             sDescription = new icrt.AeServiceDescription();

             // namespace for this class

             sDescription.namespaceQualifier = icrt.AeServiceDescription.getNamespacePrefixForClass('icrtStep_ContactSearch');

             // name of this class

             sDescription.name = 'icrtStep_ContactSearch';

             // service name displayed to users

             sDescription.displayName = 'Contact Search';

             // description of service displayed to users

             sDescription.description = 'Performs a search of Contact records using SOSL';


             // add input parameters

             sDescription.addInputParameterDesc('Search Field', 'string', true);


             // Add search output parameter

             icrt.AeServiceDescription.AeServiceParameterDesc refParam = sDescription.addOutputParameterDesc('Search Results', 'reference');





          // Runtime service invocation   

          global icrt.AeServiceResponse invoke(icrt.AeServiceRequest aRequest) {


             boolean isSuccessful = false;


             // get a map of name/value pairs from request

             Map<String,Object> params = aRequest.getTypedParameterMap(sDescription.getInputParameterMap());


             // get parameters

             String searchField = (String) params.get('Search Field');


             System.debug('****searchField : ' + searchField);


             // create a response

             icrt.AeServiceResponse response = new icrt.AeServiceResponse();


             // verify that record type was sent

             if (searchField == null || searchField == '') {


                 response.addErrorInfo('Search Field is a required field.');


                 return response;



             try {


                 // actual SOSL search

                 List<List<SObject>> searchList = [FIND :searchStr IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Contact];


                 // check in records returned

                 if (searchList == null || searchList.size() == 0) {


                     response.addErrorInfo('No records were returned for these search parameters');


                 else {


                     List<Contact> contactList = (List<Contact>) searchList[0];              

                     System.debug('****contactList: ' + contactList);


                     String contIdLstStr;


                     // loop through result to add to response list

                     for (Contact C: contactList) {


                         System.debug('****Contact Id: ' + C.Id);


                         if (contIdLstStr == null) {

                             contIdLstStr = C.Id;


                         else {

                             contIdLstStr += ';' + C.Id;



                     System.debug('****contIdLstStr : ' + contIdLstStr);


                     response.addParameter('Search Results', contIdLstStr );



             catch (Exception ex) {






             return response;



          // Returns service metadata for inclusion in guide designer

          global icrt.AeServiceDescription describe() {

             return sDescription;