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    Informatica BDM vs Informatica Powercenter Express Tool

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      Hi, I want to learn Informatica BDM. When I have downloaded Infa BDM for Hortonworks, I see that Informatica Developer tool being used for interacting with Hadoop/Hive.


      So does that mean if I just learn how to use Informatica PC Express tool (i.e., Informatica Developer Tool) will that fits the need of using/learning Infa BDM except the hadoop/hive connectivity.


      Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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          Xitiz Pugalia Guru

          The GUI & Tools are same i.e. Informatica Developer.

          Except a few features here & there, you'll be on your way to work on Informatica BDE if you learn Powercenter Express.


          The core engine remains the same...


          Hope it helps.

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