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    Response to anonymous feedback

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      I just received some anonymous feedback on my recent email suggestion to use an RSS feed.



      Not to be mean but you are making it too _ucking difficult for a simple DC users group meeting. Either do it the old way where you email everone a place & time or have a company do the scheduling s_it for you. Thanks.


      Since I cannot respond to whomever sent me this note, I will have to respond publicly.

      Informatica no longer pays for user group meeting space. Thus, we must borrow space from user group member organizations.  In this case, GWU has graciously agreed to provide classroom space, but we must provide a head count with several weeks' advanced notice so that they know which room to assign us. This is why the poll is needed. And since a poll is needed to collect headcount, it is efficient to see if an alternate date works better. Informatica also no longer does any scheduling for the user groups, so it all falls on me as a volunteer to do this.

      So the "old way" does not work any more. I welcome feedback that is constructive in nature and also welcome anyone who wishes to join me in volunteering to run this group.