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    Informatica Domain Configuration Issue

    chitra chandran New Member



      I have installed Informatica Powercenter Client 9.6.0 in my machine. When I try to configure the domain, I'm getting the PCSF_46008 Cannot connect to domain <> to look up service <> error.


      infacmd returns the below error :

      [ICMD_10033] Command [ping] failed with error [[INFACMD_10053] [[ICMD_10045] No gateway connectivity is found for domain [..]. Use updategateway info to create or update gateway detailsDomain [..] ] did not ping back and following could be the reasons: Verify that the domain is running. Check the domain name, host name, and port number. If the domain is in TLS check whether environment variables INFA_TRUSTSTORE and INFA_TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD  are

      set and certificates are correct.].


      The domain name, host name and the port number are correct. I have made the entry in the host file and have added the ENV variable too. Still getting the error. Please help.