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    Using Delimited Content Writer Event Target in a Process

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      I am having trouble using a Delimited Content Writer Event Target to create a text file in an ICRT process. I created a file connection with one event source (delimitedContentParser) and one event target (DelimitedContentWriter). The goal is very simple: for each record in the source file, grab the value from one of the columns and write it into the target file. My (current) specific problem is when configuring the step to write to the file, the input field it is asking for is "serializationTask", but it won't let me assign anything to the input field! My step type is "Service Call," my Action is "DelimitedContentWriter" from the event target in my file connection. On the Input tab there is one (required) field listed, "serializationTask". The Source defaults to "Field", but the column where I would normally select the source field or value, it just says "Loading...". When I click on it, it says "DelimitedContentParserContent" (that's the input field from my event source) at the top, and "No Matching Items" below that. If I change the source to "Formula" and try to assign a value that way, it just changes the source back to "Field" and goes back to "Loading..."


      What am I doing wrong?! (As you can probably tell, I'm rather new to Informatica.) I have scoured Informatica's How-tos, KB, documentation, and user guides, as well as the internet in general, but found no solution. I downloaded and imported a sample integration that created the objects "FileConnection" and "MyUsersProcessor" that Is supposed to read a CSV file, sort the contents, and write out two CSV files segregated into US and non-US users. That sample process exhibits the very same behavior. I'm at my wits' end! HEEELLLPPP!