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    Issues configuring lbmrd

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      We are trying to use unicast topic resolution via lbmrd and not having much success. We have source and receiver on 1 machine and the lbmrd daemon on another machine. The machines can ping each other fine.



      We are setting source context attributes with sample values as below:

      ctx_attr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_port_low", "15385");
      ctx_attr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_port_high", "15400");
      ctx_attr.setProperty("resolver_multicast_address", "" );
      ctx_attr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_daemon", "");
      ctx_attr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_activity_timeout", "100000");


      We are setting reciever context attributes with sample values as below:


      cattr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_port_low", "15385");
      cattr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_port_high", "15400");
      cattr.setProperty("resolver_multicast_address", "");
      cattr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_daemon", "");
      cattr.setProperty("resolver_unicast_activity_timeout", "100000");


      Our lbmrd config file looks like this. I am able to bring up the

      <lbmrd version="1.0">


                      <domain name="domain-name-1">



                      <domain name="domain-name-2">





                      <transform source="domain-name-1" destination="domain-name-2">


                                      <match address="" port="*"/>

                                      <replace address="" port="*"/>






      I am not able to transmit any messages from the source to the reciever. If I comment out the lines where I am setting the above context attribtues in source and receiver, the messages are getting transmitted. The source and receiver are aware of the lbmrd because if I remove the activity timeout attribute, I get a message in both source and receiver that the lbmrd is inactive.


      1. How does the transformations tag work? In the example above, we have only 1 lbmrd. Why would I need the transformations tag in that case? Can you give an example of what attribute values from the source or the receiver map to the values in the transformation tags? I have read the 6.9 concepts and the configurations guide and havent been able to figure out where the transformations tag values come from.

      2. Are the attributes set in source and receiver above correct to enable unicast topic resolution?

      3. If both resolver_unicast_daemon  and resolver_multicast_address are set, how does UM know if it needs to do multicast or unicast topic resolution?

      4. Any other tips to check in the configuration to determine why the messages are not flowing from the source to the receiver.


      thanks in advance,