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    DIY API: 30 Minute Web Service - JDBC, Salesforce, REST

    Casey Clayton Seasoned Veteran

      The latest edition of DIY API is a video posted to our YouTube Channel


      30 Minute API Tutorial : Real Time Data from MS SQL, Salesforce, and a JSON/REST Web Service - YouTube


      Informatica Cloud Application Integration provides a code-free solution for creating and publishing API's and Real Time event listeners for service-oriented process orchestrations.  The Cloud Based Process designer allows data architects and business SME's to create working Real Time Integration around almost any business or application event.


      Scenario: Vehicle Data Service.  For a Customer Portal, we need a REST Web Service that can accept a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as an input and respond with complex data about a Vehicle.  The needed data is actually distributed across several sources: Azure/SQL, Salesforce, and a REST Web Service.


      Here are the ICRT Artifacts from the Demo that can be imported for you to check out. 




      The DB connection would need to be updated to your own DB info.  Also, you will need to get a developer key from Edmunds http://developer.edmunds.com/

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          I had watched your video , first time I get good idea in Processes , can you help me to trace out for below issue


          I am passing input from REST API ( Postman)  to my process in informatica cloud  , this input parameter i had defined for Salesforce account , if we find the data in Salesforce account object then it should display  data in REST api


          but  i am getting below error while calling informatica cloud process from REST api


          Please let me know if you need further information.





            "error": {

              "code": 400,

              "details": {

                "invalid": [


                    "IN_FROM_API": {

                      "Options": [

                        "Could not fetch object for cache entry with key \"[$public]salesforceconn:Account\"." /* Salesforceconn is my Salesforce account name)







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            Uma Ashok Guru

            Hi Raghu,


            is your salesforce connection published?  Could you re-publish it anyway to see if you still get this error?




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              Thanks for your response , I had tested the Salesforce connection in ICRT after Connection published successfully , I had republished the connection for n  of times but nothing is worked


              Apart of this anything I need to do ??