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    How to delete persistent values dynamically from Sessions

    Amit Jain Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Team,


      I want to delete the persistent values dynamically from Sessions. I know how to delete it manually but i want to know the dynamic approach for this as we cannot reset the persistent value manually in PROD environment.


      My Requirement is :


      I am loading the data in Initial and Delta mode. Hence, the first run always be a Initial Load and then it would be a Delta Load for each run.

      As there is a dependency on load so If in case the data will not synchronize correctly then we would need to do a FULL load again. To achieve this functionality we may have many approaches.


      1. We can achieve this through a parameter file but we need to create a change request to deploy the updated parameter file in PROD. Client is not ready for this approach suppose we have to do the full load 5 times in a month then we need to create a change request every time to deploy the parameter file in PROD.
      2. We can achieve this by creating a table in the database. Client in not ready to create any extra table in the database.


      Can you please help me out to achieve this functionality? My main aim is to handle this dynamically so that i don't need to request to the support team for any change and deployment.


      If we can write any SQL Query that will reset the persistent value of session then we can achieve this requirement. Can anyone help me with the SQL query or any other approach to achieve this functionality?


      I would really do appreciate your help and support on this. Waiting for your reply !

      Thank You.

      Amit Jain

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