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    Need guidance with PowerCenter DI Developer Specialist Certification

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      I am working on Informatica 9.5.1 at work and interested in pursuing Informatica Developer Certifications. Can you please guide me on the following related to PowerCenter DI Developer specialist certification :


      1. Are the Informatica PowerCenter 9.x.1 Level 1 & 2 Developer courses recommended for this ? They seem to be pretty expensive ($2400).


      2. DI PowerCenter Developer certification preparation recording link is not working. When I click on request, it asks me for email on the Informatica Passport portal- when I enter email it says it already exists. I am not able to work around this. Can you please help me with this ?


      3. The ICP Reading Prep list.pdf has reference book names. Do we need to read the entire book for the certification or there are specific topics applicable (based on Inventory skill set) ? Also, is this the same material as the PowerCenter Help->Contents within the designer tool ?



      Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.