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    Using 29W store for mutual exclusion

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      Assume we have a source with a static registration ID which it uses when registering with all stores. We expect that the store will send a registration error to the source when it sees the duplicate regID during registration. We are thinking of using this to make sure we run only one Primary instance of a process. The plan is, when a process instance is started up, it tries to register a source with all stores with a static regid. If registrations are successful for all stores, we assume there is no other Primary running. (Note that all process instances will be using this same static regid).

      Is this reliable?

      If not, is there any support given by 29W for this task?

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          Sherwin Clutter Active Member

          If you are attempting to register with multiple stores from two applications at the same time, it is possible that you could actually end up in a scenario in which neither of your persistent publishers have a quorum of stores and your application would be down.


          As such, this is not a solution that I would recommend.


          This is a case in which I would recommend that you reach out to the UM ACE team.  They can assist in architecting a solution to meet your needs.