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    Real-Time SAP data via WSDL-defined SOAP service

    Eric Egertson New Member

      https://youtu.be/dwNU9CsvuVw {for YouTube videos, always set the video to full screen and resolution to HD for best viewing}


      This video starts with a tutorial on how to configure a Service Connector to a SOAP-based web service.  The whole video is 20 minutes.   The first 10 minutes is a tutorial on how to configure a Service Connector to a WSDL-defined SOAP service.    We are connecting to an on-prem SAP system in this demo -- the customer built a web service for us to use.   The customer liked the fact that access to SAP was controlled via a web service – that way, they could tightly control what data was being exposed.   This customer was able to create and give us access to the web service in a very short time (basically one day turnaround). In this case, the customer is exposing inventory levels by Plant based on a Material Number.


      The second half of the video shows how the Service Connector can be used in Salesforce to display real-time information to Salesforce users without bringing the data into Salesforce.  This is very common use case for us.   You will see that we have set up Informatica Cloud to automatically load inventory results when a Salesforce Product page is loaded – that way, current inventory level by Plant is automatically exposed immediately.