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    How to do Consolidation with most recent not null column?

    Dhanya Chandran New Member

      Hi all,

      I am trying to consolidate a record in Informatica 9.6.0 Developer tool. Here we faced a situation that we need to consolidate our record based on a given field which is Most Recent Update Date field. Now if the record with most recent update field contains a null, the value should be checked with other records if we found a value in that column, the final record will fill the value from there, an example is as follows



      Cluster ID Name PhoneNumber TaXID Last_Update_DAte
      1    Dan    44567  6789    26-10-2010
      1    Dhan  12346              25-10-2011
      1    Danny 11245              25-10-2012
      1    Dan     78934 11246  11-11-2011


      Then the result will be

      Cluster ID Name PhoneNumber TaxID Last_Update_DAte
      1 Tammy 78934 11246 25-10-2012


      How can we acheive this in consolidation transformation. Please help with this scenario, we havent find any function here in consolidation based on this case..

      Thanks and Regards