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    Informatica Certified Specialist Certification Doubt - PC

    Ricky N Active Member

      Hi All,


      Can anybody let me know what I need to do for my second attempt for my ICS exam? Do I need to pay the registration fee again, after how many days I can appear for my 2nd attempt again? Is there any difference in exam pattern for 2nd attempt or I might get same exam questions?


      Please share you views and thoughts.



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          Hello Ricky,


          as far as I remember you have to wait 10 days before you can attemt the second time.

          There is no extra fee for it.

          And the questions might be different. We have a big pool of questions and draw the 70 you have to answer from that pool. So yes, some will be the same, but others you might not have seen yet.


          I wish you lots of luck in succeeding this time!


          Regards, Karin

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