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    Concatenation disallowed on transormation EXPTRANS...

    Sathish MK New Member

      Hi guys...


      I have 2 source table and 1 target table,  Two Source tables are have diffrent columns. as shown below.




      I have created Mapping like



                              Exp    --> Target





      I can able to map ID , NAME to exp, But when I try to map ADD, CLASS to exp I am getting error.msg "

      Concatenation disallowed on transormation EXPTRANS.Active.Transaformation(SQ_Sourcetable1, SQ_Sourcetable2..)"


      I cont use Joiner becoz  Tables have diffrent Columns...!!!!!


      1) How to get rid from this error

      2) Which Transformation I need to use


      Thanx in advance.