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    [LM_2006] Unable to create log file

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      Hi All,


      We are getting the following error while running the workflow in test environment -Same workflow with same parameter file worked fine in Development Environment


      Starting wf_xxxxxxx

      (Integration service name ) Start workflow: Request acknowledged

      (Integration service name) Start workflow: [LM_2006] Unable to create log file [/base path/WorkflowLogs/wf_xxxxx.log.bin]. Please check the Integration Service log for more information.


      Informatica admin looked at the Integration Service log and replied back with the following message




      Warning! Cannot find section for workflow [wf_xxxxxx] and folder [folder name] in
      parameter file [/path where parameter file exists/abc.prm].



      As per the suggestion from the informatica community we included the folder/workflow & session names in parameter files -but it still throws the same error message


      Please help us to get the resolving this issue

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          Pulkit Bhardwaj Seasoned Veteran

          The issue is that the Integration service user is unable to create the workflow log file

          /base path/WorkflowLogs/wf_xxxxx.log.bin

          There could be multiple reasons for the same.

          1. Not enough disk space.

          2. Permissions issue.

          3. Illegal path.

          Please check the above.

          When I say permissions issue, I am referring to the user who has started the Informatica services.

          You can change the workflow log file directory in the Workflow properties and set it to some path where the user has aqequate perrmissions.