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    Sequential Merge Option for Flat Files

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      Hi All,


      I am trying to use sequential merge option to merge three files and create one file.


      I have used "Append if exists" option and was able to create one file with all three files data.


      But when I select below options in Session properties for sequential merge its not working.


      Merge Type: Sequential Merge

      Merge File Directory: server path

      Merge file Name: abc.csv

      Append if exists: unchecked this option since mentioned merge type as Sequential merge.


      If anyone of you have worked with Sequential merge option. Please let me know the steps that are needed.




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          Hi Dave,

          Sequential Merge
          – Informatica creates one output file for each partition and sequentially merge them to a single file when the session completes.


          I think you need to partition the session for merge to work and flat file only supports pass through partitioning.


          Even I have not tried this, but read it in some blog. May be this will help.